Sky Dancer Supply Company has been wholesaling aerial silks, yoga hammocks, lyra rings, and bungee fitness gear for over 16 years. With our recent revamp, we are now selling our products online to the individual at the lowest prices. Whether you're looking to practice at home or you want to launch a new aerial fitness class at your gym or studio, we're here to help you become a Sky Dancer! We also offer custom orders where we can cut your aerial fabric to any length. 

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Sky Dancer provides the highest quality gear for aerial arts. Some of our clients include professionals that use our products for stage performances. We have over 45 unique colors and prints to match your style and inspiration. Check out our FAQ section for any questions you may have. We also offer personalized guidance to our customers. Just send us an email at Support@Skydancersupply.com.

We've helped over 400 studios start pole dance, aerial yoga and bungee fitness programs. If you have questions about spacing, sizes, set-up or more, we're here to help.

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We believe that everyone who gets into aerial fitness should be able to do so safely. Our equipment is weight tested and certified by 3rd party engineers for aerial safety, and our team is here to assist you find what you need to get started.

Aerial silks should always be installed by a professional rigger. Please search in your local area to find someone certified to rig your silks safely to prevent serious injury. Always use a crash mat when practicing aerial silks!


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