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Aerial silks fabric in gold

Premium Performance quality


Over 30 colors and prints in aerial silk or aerial hammock

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Dance pole artist in performance

Functional strength

Why Dance Poles and Aerial Silks are Superior in Fitness

Learn why Pole Dancing and Aerial Silks are of the Apex in bodyweight training.

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No hands skill displayed on aerial hammock


"You Are the sky, Everything else is just weather"

Aerial Hammocks are a safe and great place to get started in aerial silks.

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Premium Duffle
Quality Go-along's with your gear
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Spin Socks
#1 Solution to foot calluses
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silhouette of artist doing an inverted back bend on a dance pole

Master your Body

Build strength and awareness with Dance Poles
artist performs inverted back bend on the lyra ring

Unlock Freedom Through Strength

Swing freely with a Lyra Ring
Instructor performs aerial silks high over the water

Dance In The Sky!

In the sky there are no restrictions, only Freedom.