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Sky dancers Spin Socks aka Foot underwear are the #1 solution for foot calluses. When performing spin moves on the floor, the soles of the feet tend to get irritated after frequent practice. Our Spin Socks help to relieve foot pains with padded forefoot support. The toe-separating design also prevents toes from squeezing each against one another. The flexible mesh fabric is breathable and not over bearing with a high flexibility for fit for different sizes of feet. Skydancer Spin Socks are durable and great for dancing or casual use

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By far the best quality I've come across. I use sky dancers silks for my performances.

Sergiu Lucci
Los Angeles, CA

The pole is amazing and incredibly sturdy. My husband is now getting into it! Now I'm on path to learning all the Aerial arts.

Julia Kolak
Cape Coral, FL

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